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Belgium Malinois


Like the German Shepherd, the Belgium Malinois was bred as a herding dog. They are one of four Belgium sheepherding dog breeds. The Begium Malinois of today can be linked to a pair of dogs owned by a shepherd in 1885. These same dogs are also considered founding members of the Bouvier des Flandres and the Dutch Shepherd Dog.


Belgium Malinois are extremely intelligent and easily trained. But they are not recommended for inexperienced dog owners. Their training must be consistent and positive. Proper socialization is also important to ward off the herding/guard dog tendencies of the breed. Belgium Malinois also require a lot of exercise, so you had better be willing to give it to them. They are very people oriented, and they want to be included in their human family’s activities. Their intelligence and trainability have made them a favorite for law enforcement agencies. The Belgium Malinois learns its job very quickly, and being a police dog works with their natural herding/guard dog sentiments. Like German Shepherds, the Belgium Malinois is intensely focused on his job and is not easily distracted or deterred from accomplishing his goals.

Best lifestyle for this breed

As said above, Belgium Malinois are not for inexperienced dog owners or for small living spaces. Their supreme intellect and high stamina make them an intense dog to own. They need consistent exercise and outlets for their energy. Belgium Malinois love to be around people and bond heavily with their owners. They have separation anxiety if left alone for too long. Like most herding dog types, they are protective of their family and wary of strangers. Early and consistent socialization are best for a Belgium Malinois. Enroll him in puppy classes and take him for walks in busy parks to help him get used to a busy and wide world.

Buying a Dog Playpen

Buying a Dog Playpen

When buying a dog playpen, there are many factors that you should be considering. Most people do not consider all of the factors when they make their purchase, and then become very dissatisfied. By listening to our factors, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision.


The most important factor when buying a dog playpen is to make sure that the play pen is big enough to hold your dog – not only based on their current size, but also on the size that they’re going to grow to. Far too often I have seen dog owners by smaller playpens only to have to replace them when the dog gets older. This is simply wasting money. Buy your playpen for the size that your dog is going to be.

There is also the option of purchasing additional panels for the playpen.  A lot of manufacturers, like IRIS and MidWest, sell additional panels that can be used to expand the playpen. While these are great alternative solutions, I always recommend that you purchase the correct sized dog playpen the first time.


You’re most definitely going to want to buy a quality dog playpen. When I say quality, I mean one that is strong enough to contain your puppy; regardless if they’re running into the playpen or trying to chew through it. The purpose of a dog playpen is to contain the puppy within a set area. If the playpen cannot contain the dog, then it is not doing its job. A quality dog playpen is going to cost you around $100, but it is well worth it. You can find some of the best dog playpen reviews here:

I also recommend that you purchase a metal dog playpen. These are a lot harder for dogs to chew through. The other type of dog playpen is plastic. While plastic is lightweight and easy to clean, it’s also not nearly as durable. If you have a larger, hyper dog, then a plastic dog playpen is not going to be able to contain your puppy!

Remember folks, dog playpens can be absolute lifesavers. Each and every dog owner should have a dog playpen.

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