Can I leave my dog in a playpen until I get home?

To a first-time dog owner, it is normal to have a lot of questions about how to care for and look after the pet. It is imperative, after all, that proper care is accorded to your canine friend to ensure that he will thrive and grow healthy in your home environment. Since many owners have to leave their homes during the day to tend to their works responsibilities, many are left wondering if getting a playpen and then leaving their dogs there until they are home would be a good idea.

There is some dog breed that can be quite high energy and is likely to get into some mischief when left to their own devices at home. You would certainly want to be sure that your home is not going to look like a wreck when you arrive from work and at the same time, you want to be sure that your dog is protected from any scenario where he might harm himself and get hurt.

Many people have since thought of the solution of putting their dogs inside playpens, so they have contained for the entire time that their owners are not there to look after them and supervise them and what they are doing. Still, when you are going to be out of the house for the entire day, it can be a real concern if the dog is going to be fine when left in the enclosure on his own.

While pens are good places for the dog to play at while unsupervised, it may not be a good idea if one has to place the pet inside for an entire nine hours. While the enclosure is going to offer optimal space that is safe for the dog to be playing at staying in there for nine hours straight may not bode well to the pet. It is never ideal to confine dogs in limited spaces in the first place.

What you should consider doing is to get a certain room in your home dog-proofed so you can leave him inside. There will be more room for him to explore and play around. If you do to want the fog to be roaming around the house, then just a single room where he can play around and can be kept confined is a better alternative.

Still, in those instances where this choice is not possible, you can always choose to place him inside the enclosure, but you have to see to it that there is somebody to check on him as often as necessary. Leaving him there straight for the entire day is not a good idea. If and when you have to, make sure that somebody has to check up on him every two or three hours to make sure that he is well and that he has not chewed off some bits of the fence or worse, has escaped. It is not an ideal set-up, but it is better than just leaving him there for nine hours without being checked.

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