Forget About Depressed Medicine Memories

A spoonful of sugar might have operated for Mary Poppins, but in case that does not work for you, Greenies has an option.

Giving your pet needed drugs is now made easier with Greenies Pill Pockets. These advanced dog treats let you easily set drugs into a delicious treat and prevent all the unwilling fighting, scratching and biting that may be related to previous efforts.

The well-being and wellbeing of your pet is essential. Pill Pockets not only function as a capsule carrier, but also they are made from high quality ingredients and are nutritionally balanced for added dietary advantages.

Each Pill Pocket includes meat bases including steak, chicken or salmon that taste great as well as function as a way to obtain high quality proteins for muscle metabolism, wheat flour actions as substantial carb source for energy, and Vitamins C & E help the immune system for fast healing.

Using Pill Pockets is as simple as one, two, three!
3) Once the pocket is securely sealed, just give it to your own pet as though it were any regular treat.

Pill Pockets can be found in five sizes to satisfy any sickly creature.

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