Why most dogs will need some type of eye medicine.

At some stage in their lives, most dogs will need some type of eye medicine. Here are a couple of guidelines that can make the drug procedure go more easily, for you and your dog!

The first thing to remember when giving any drug would be to be quiet rather than convey tension or nervousness to your own dog. Have all the stuff prepared before calling your dog.

Never touch the point of tube or bottle to the eye surface or another surface.

Pull the lower eyelid softly from the eyeball. Drop or wedge the medicine into this space. Hold the dog still for a minute or two allowing the medicine to propagate across the eye surface and be consumed.

Well intentioned owners occasionally give their dogs antibiotics prescribed for people or other creatures. Not all dog breeds can take all sorts of antibiotics, and overdosing can cause serious, or even lethal side effects in your pet.

Penicillin can cause vomiting and diarrhea in case a large quantity continues to be used up. Call your veterinarian promptly.

Streptomycin can cause irreversible nerve damage. Indications contain a leaning head and circling.

Nalidixic Acid, usually prescribed for human bladder infections, causes vomiting, hypersensitivity, back arching and loss in equilibrium.

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